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The New Year has come! Tour Santa Claus on his garden at the North Pole. MakeCandy and Cookie! Grow snow farm to X-mas town and magic town. Evolve Santa works from a farm to a magic rural area. Grow snow town and help Santa with gifts for kids. Be ready to the Santa Claus snow country: build hay every day, receive letters from all the children of the globe and send bobsleds laden with gifts. As a prize, pick up candies and cookies. Increase your production: build Christmas buildings, crop hay, and magic Christmas trees, produce all sorts of toys. Take the help of mischievous Christmas fairies and become companions with the funny snowman of Christmas. Enhance the decoration of your Christmas tree and listen to the Christmas carols.

This dazzling Christmas Santa on his cart with 4 reindeer is on a mission to deliver gifts door to door. Help him to deliver gifts everywhere and wish them Happy Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Santa ultimatum is ready to distribute gifts like every year because the snowy Christmas season is near. All around the world, everyone is also remaining anxiously to receive a present from him. On one side he was busy in the gift packing industry and on the other side, Grinch was executing some evil plans to spoil Chrismas event. Some days ago, Grinch was thinking of some evil ideas to steal Chrismas gifts and designs. Happy Merry Christmas with him some wicked friends made a scheme to ruin this snowy Chrismas.

The single way he believed was to stop the gift delivery. So, Grinch and his wicked friends attacked reindeer and tried to kidnap them. However, Santa got there in time and saved them from those bad guys. But they got injured in a fight with Grinch and other bad guys. He was worried because without them he was not able to deliver a gift to everyone. He and his reindeer were much stressed and meanwhile a group of reindeer from the South Pole came to him. They offered to help him with the gift delivery mission. They told him that they could not fly but they could run very fast and know a way which leads to people’s homes in town. They told him about the ‘infinite track’. On this route, if someone forgets the best ways then he can be lost there ever and finally fell into a hole between sky and earth. The danger of track did not have any effect on him. Because at that time, he plainly had entirety thing in mind and that was the on-time distribution of gifts to the kids waiting on the doors of their homes. So, he set out on a mission to conquer the infinite tracks and deliver presents to everyone.

Marry Christmas apps and games
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Marry Christmas games
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