Marry Christmas Game Get Santa's Cookies

Marry christmas games

Get Santa's Cookies

We all know Santa likes cookies! Help Santa get as many as you can by bouncing up through this app world, avoiding the mean baddies like the Yeti and Snowmen!

The Christmas period is so fun! What's one thing that performs it so much fun? Of course, Santa Clause! Santa is so kind to us, he brings us gifts! Shouldn't we do something pleasant for him? What does he like... hrm... cookies! Let's help him get as numerous as we can!

Look out for snowmen and yeti in this Christmas game. They're sneaking around every corner, firing snowballs and trying to stop Santa! Scoot out of the way Yeti! Move over Snowman!

In this Santa game, you get to help Santa. Nick and pay him back for being so gracious to us throughout the years!
Christmas Santa Rush Delivery- Gift/present Games :
Enjoy the ride of real cart on the city highway around the fun city.
It’s a beautiful day of winters in this game. 

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Best Christmas Wishes

A lot od Christmas wishes for them who are reading this and also download this game and try to collect more and more cookies for the Santa in the return of his kindness.
It’s time to hit the halls, sing happy carols, and prove our love through deliberately chosen Christmas presents! As the vacation approach, use our best Merry Christmas Wishes for lovely Friends to wish your mates the happiest of the festival!
Christmas is a time for emotion, celebration, and a party with the people we love most utmost. From gifts to guests to Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends, December is filled with the best we have to offer to our friends and family. Even the sullenest Scrooge can find something to appreciate about the Christmas season, so use this happy time to express the love you feel for your loved ones.

Cookies and Milk: Popular Christmas Traditional History

  • For the decades, American kids have been leaving out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Evening. But how did this vacation food tradition get started?

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa could be connected to Saint Nicholas. Through the traditional feast of jolly old Santa Nick, December 6th, children would leave food and drink for the saint and his companions. These donations would be exchanged for rewards overnight. Christmas Apps and Games

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