Creepy Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN | New Android Horror Story App | 2020 New Android App

In this article, you will know about an amazing app that is newly launching on Google play and this the best app for you if you like to read stories and especially if you are a scary story reader.

As we all know that in today’s digital world it's necessary to work for long hours to prove ourselves as the best and after long hours work we need to relax and fresh our mind and some of them like to read books or stories to make their mind fresh. So this app comes with a new style of reading in which you can read stories in a unique way of chats.

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Creepy Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN: with this app users can read multiple scared chat stories and Creepy Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN app is completely free and it does not take pauses amidst your chat reading. These stories are scared, engrossing nail-biting horrors that will keep you reading through the day.
We know that when we read a fiction long stories so sometime it may be boring for us so that why we come up with a new solution in the form of Creepy Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN app which will help you to enjoy your reading and also it’s a completely free app for your chat reading in your free time.
Of course, we also love reading, like you that’s why we put massive creepypasta stories, texting stories, and scary stories with amazing scaring images for your reading in this Creepy Horror Stories - Chat Stories EN application.
Furthermore, this app is all about simple chat stories that make you more focused and also engage with you realistically.

Installs: 10,000+  Overall Rating: 4.4 stars

Screen Shots of App:

horror stories applicationHorror Stories Application

What are the primary features of this application?

  • Free Text Chat Stories
  • Ghosts’ Stories
  • Phantom Stories
  • Magic Stories
  • Fantasy Creatures Stories
  • Haunted Ships’ Stories

If you like to read stories in your free time so believe us. This is the best horror reading application for you with free images and videos.

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 All the free chat stories in this app are truly addictive for short and extraordinary stories!

We are sorry in advance if this app takes your time because we know that this app will make you an addictive reader of this app’s stories. This scary app will make you hooked on texts and the best thing is that it’s freely available on Google Play.

 Moreover, in this app developer-focused and thinks about the reader and makes this app design very simple and attractive

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