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Drone Flight Race Game,Race Flight,Free Android Flight Game,

Today, I am talking about a new game that launched recently, but it is very lite in storage and good for your phone battery health and has an excellent play environment within the android game. Through this games, you can release your stress, and this game also helps you to relax your mind while you are traveling for your office or on the way to college and if you younger boy or girl so you can also enjoy this games in your school bus and passed your time very quickly in your traveling.

 We offer you one of the most advanced Drone Flight Race games on this platform, which is entirely free and has no ad disturbance till now. If you are searching for a game which will help you to refresh your mind, so believe me, this is design for your needs. 
Drone Flight Race Game,Race Flight,Free Android Flight Game,

Drone for Race is a game in which you can operate your drone and try to pass the circles without touching them. Because at the time of moving, this drone will be crash and you put your all focus to save your drone from crashing and how long you keep your drone from crashing, you get more points on the clearance of every circle without crashing.

Flight Race Game gives you a real experience of a pilot because, in this game, you save your drone like a flight pilot that flies and operates the airplane in which they land and fly safely.

Race Drone is suitable for you while you are flying, you can enhance your skills as well and increase your focus ability naturally while playing a game.

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App Description:

Flight Race 2D game is not the most ordinary around. You usually get to fly with different planes in this kind of play. You can manipulate your drone and achieve the points from moving the circles without crashing. Make use of relaxed but precious controls, and drone for race game will be harder while you grab your points in the flight race game.

Drone Flight Race is an endless mission game with more robust controls of race drone game is a challenge for you to grab more points in this game.

So download this freely available drone flight race game now and navigate your drone in the sky. Dodge crashing while crossing the hurdles in the form of circles and don't go upward or downward at that point where your flight touches the deadline of the screen. This fun and addictive flight race have a real to reality feeling, as you need to control take-off and maneuvering between circles.

It is an android game and available on the Google Android play.
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2D Drone Flight Race Game KEY FEATURES
- Super realistic drone flight race
- Multi-rotor helicopter controls
- Hard to control
- The addictive game makes it perfect for kids of all ages
- Increase difficulty over time

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